That Girl Away

Before you even roll your eyes: YES, this is another cat cafe-related post. I love cats and I love going to cat cafes and I went to FOUR on my last trip abroad and I think you deserve to hear about all of them. So, if you don’t like cats, move on to the next post, please and thank you!

I went to in Budapest last March that was also called “Cat Cafe.” I visited this cozy cafe after my trip to the Budapest Zoo on my second morning in Budapest. It had begun to rain towards the end of my visit to the zoo so I was incredibly grateful that the Cat Cafe was located so close by.

Honestly, out of all the cat cafes I went to in Budapest, this one was my favorite. The staff was so nice, the space so inviting, and the cats were all so social. I sat right next to a cat in a hammock towards the back and drip-dried from the rain.

I dried off with a chocolate and vanilla cake and a caffeinated, foamy beverage of sorts and while occasionally getting up to go play with the cats that were hanging out in other parts of the cafe.


The cats were actually quite helpful in running the cafe. They would lay on customer’s coats to keep them warm (very considerate) and handle closing out tabs at the register (who knew they were so good at math!). They would also come up to your table from time to time to make sure you were enjoying your visit.

You can check out their website here and I’d highly recommend you do. This place was a joy to visit and exactly what I needed after an early morning in the rain.

Cat Cafe is located at 1071 Budapest, Damjanich street 38.

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