That Girl Away

The night before we went to the City of David we were told that we were going to absolutely HAVE TO go through the tunnels that had water up to our knees. No way around it and we did NOT want to miss it. Fast forward to the next day and we were informed that there was actually a dry tunnel that we could take but that we really should go in the wet tunnel.

I’m sorry if this was the lame decision, but I didn’t want to get my pants wet and I didn’t have water proof shoes so I went through the dry side.

Long story short: If you go on Birthright and your guide tries to tell you that you HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE WATER, just know that there’s a dry side, too. You’re welcome in advance.

Anyways, the City of David is an archeological site that is thought to be the former center of the ancient urban city of Jerusalem. According to Wikipedia, “It is best known for its Iron Age structures attributed to Judean kings, and it also contains older Canaanite infrastructure dated to the Middle Bronze Age.” It’s a lot of rock structures that are only half uncovered. The tunnels we walked through were the Siloam Tunnels, an ancient water supply tunnel.

The tunnels, both dry and wet, are extremely narrow and dimly lit (apparently it’s completely dark on the wet side), so it’s definitely important to watch your step each and every step of the way. It reminded me of walking through the Paris Catacombs.

It was super cool and maybe I’ll go back one day and wear water shoes to walk through the side with the water, but for now I’m cool with my decision to walk through the dry side. If you’ve done the wet side, let me know in the comments how it was!


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