That Girl Away

Looking back on my trip to Israel.

When I wrote about going to the Dead Sea I talked about how my travel mates and I all expected Israel to be one water-deprived desert and how shocked we were to find that it was the exact opposite in most places (think lush green grasses and forests).

Do you know what most of us also underestimated? The fucking weather.

Spoiler Alert: It will be chilly and you will need a jacket and closed-toe shoes.

We expected sun and heat. Basically, weather that accommodated shorts and tank tops. As I’ve already said, we did not get that weather. Not even close. It kind of warm in Tel Aviv but it’s basically a beach so that would be expected.

I mean, it wasn’t even warm down at the Dead Sea – I think it was in the high 50’s. It was chilly in the Dead Sea Hot Spring too.

I mean, we were in the MIDDLE EAST! In the desert! Where was the heat?!

To be fair, we spent a lot of the time at pretty high altitudes, so that may have been why, but even still. We were pretty cold. I wore my track jacket every day and a lot of the time I wore my Patagonia puff jacket on top of my track jacket. (Though to be honest, I’m also someone who runs cold all the time, so maybe you wouldn’t need the puff jacket?)

What is the point of me ranting? To save you from being as surprised as we all were that we were so damn cold in Israel, in the desert, in February, and so you will be more prepared than we were.

So, you’re welcome.

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