That Girl Away

Me in front of Kerid Crater Lake in Iceland in 2019!

It’s the end of 2019! Already! Holy shit, 2020 is upon us.

Honestly, I traveled a lot in 2019, but not a lot recently. If that makes sense. It is most likely because I traveled a bunch at the beginning of the year and then got laid off at work, which forced me to stop traveling for a bit. Now that I’m at a new job – almost 3 months in – I’m trying to get up to speed and situated before taking off again.

But it’s almost a new year and I will have been at my job for over 4 months by the time 2020 rolls around so I need to take advantage of my unlimited PTO.

My travel plans seem to change from quarter to quarter. I think I had Portugal on my itinerary for 2019 before being accepted to Birthright, which put Portugal on the backburner.

But for 2020, I’m going to get there. I swear. One of my girlfriends went to Portugal earlier this year and said it was fun and cheap.

What’s better than fun and cheap? Answer: Nothing. And another girlfriend of mine said TAP (the airline of Portugal) isn’t all that bad. They even give you free food! (Which is more than I can say for Icelandic Air.)

So where do I aspire to go in 2020? (Jesus, I almost typed 2019 again.)

Drumroll, please!…….

  • Portugal and Morrocco: I’ll cover Lisbon, Porto, Marrakesh, and maybe Fez. I’m honestly not sure I’ll really appreciate Morrocco but it’s RIGHT THERE and I’ve never been on the continent of Africa before.
  • Istanbul: My friend Sundance (yes, that’s his actual name) from Birthright spent a bunch of time in Istanbul earlier this year and noted the dozens of community cats and said I had to visit. I’ve also read about it being an AMAZING AF city, so yes, I want to get there.
  • Costa Rica: They have lots of community cats there and I think it’s relatively cheap. I don’t like the beach or the hot weather, but maybe I’ll find some other redeeming qualities.
  • Dominican Republic: Extended family of mine has a house down there, and my partner loves the beach and hot weather (ugh), so why not go down if all we have to pay for is the airfare?
  • Mexico City: This city is on everyone’s must-visit lists and Mexico is a pretty cheap place. I watched some videos by a vlogger named Nathaniel Drew and my partner’s sister and her husband have lived there for several months and they love it.
  • Vancouver: Nick had mentioned wanting to visit Vancouver (in Canada, not Washington) and I’m totally down for that. I hear it’s an awesome city and it won’t be hot! It doesn’t get hot in Canada, right? 😉

I also had Charlestons and Savannah on my list and it would be nice to take a little domestic trip down there, or even up to where I have family in Freeport, Maine, but who knows! Will I make it to all of these places? Who knows!

What places are on your list for 2020?! Let me know in the comments! 

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