That Girl Away

What would a jaunt around western Europe be without a few days in Berlin? I went to Berlin for a few days back in 2008 before it became filled to the brim with hipsters and it’s such a cool city. I’d forgotten how many amazing things I saw until I was going through my photos from my time there recently.

And, of course, I saw the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961 to divide the city of Berlin but also East and West Europe after World War II when the continent was divided between social and communism. The wall became the physical symbol of the “Iron Curtain” the divided east and west Europe. The wall prevented emigration from eastern to western Berlin (and the reverse, but let’s be honest: no one was trying to get into East Berlin) and many people died trying to make their way over the wall.

Communism came to an end in Germany in 1989 and Germans were allowed to once again pass into the west. The wall’s demolition began officially in 1990. Although the city hasn’t been divided for many decades, you can still see pieces of the wall all around the city today, most of which is covered with gorgeous art.

Pieces of the wall and areas where the wall still stands.


This line runs through the city representing where wall used to stand.


Peaking through the cracks of the wall you can see what was known as a no-mans-land. Just because you made it over one side of the wall didn’t mean you were home free. There were soldiers with guns and barbed wire in the area between the two sides of the wall. 

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