That Girl Away

Above is a photo of the Waterloo footbridge in 2017. 

Happy New Year! Okay, so this is not really walking on water. But maybe? Hear me out. When I’ve spent time in London I’ve always managed to make use of their footbridges. When I studied abroad in 2007, I walked over the Millennium Bridge more times than I could count. We were told it was nicknamed the Wobbly Bridge because when it got windy, you could feel it shake a little. We spent time every now and then (probably when we were mostly inebriated) trying to feel it move. I don’t remember if we ever did though.

I also couldn’t find any photos of these jaunts over the Millennium Bridge though. I only had a Nokia POS phone back then so = less photos than usual. The struggle was real back in 2007. EDITOR’S NOTE: I found a couple! Here you go:

I wanted to go back to the Millennium Bridge again last summer but I spent too much time wandering around, getting lost, and trying to figure out what to eat, and never made it back. My hotel was kind of far from it on Tower Hill and the only time I ever really got close was when I went to see Angels in America at the National Theatre and I wasn’t really looking at my map at the time so I opted for the Waterloo Bridge which I’d always skipped over in past visits but it’s really pretty!

Despite what my photo above may show, there were actually a bunch of people walking on it around 11pm on a weeknight so it’s pretty safe.

In New York, we can walk across whatever bridge we want on the pedestrian footpaths, but it’s nowhere near as pleasant as the footbridges in London. So, if you’re in London and the temperature is suitable, take a walk across the river.

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