That Girl Away

In summer 2017, I unexpectedly found myself on a solo trip in with four days in Dublin. I had a list of things I wanted to do, but I also unexpectedly ate some really delicious food. I’d never heard anyone rave about the food in Dublin so I expected to eat a lot of really unhealthy meat-based meals. I ate at Wuff, Two Pups Coffee (which I’ve already written about here), Elephant & Castle, Pichet (where the chefs had been nominated for Michelin stars), Crackbird, and PYGmalion.

Wuff was a super cute little cafe that served brunch and had pictures of dogs all over the wall. I think I ended up having a bunch of sides and lots of coffee.


I’d been to Elephant & Castle in New York City a couple of times and I knew I had try to the this one, too. I had the wings because it’s what you get when you go there. There were way too many! I’d also ordered a sandwich because I knew wings along would not keep me full. I took a bunch of the wings to go and gave them away outside.

At Pichet, I had this chicken patte thing with a really tasty drink. I think I ordered something else, too, but I obviously didn’t photograph it. The food was VERY good.

I noticed Pyg(malion) when I walked by because it had outdoor seating that was designated by a bright hot pink carpet. I sat outside and enjoyed a delicious bowl of chicken chili. I know, I know – chili in Dublin? But believe me when I say it was good!

And these were some of the hotel breakfasts that I had while I was staying at the Ashling Hotel. I’d never tried those little circular bits on the left and I should have left it that way. They were not tasty.

I also had a ton of coffee, and probably a croissant or seven as well. Definitely go to Two Pups Coffee, Elephant & Castle, and Pygmalion if you’re in town. A+ for food, Dublin!

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