That Girl Away

my meal on my very first night in Krakow. The hostel had given me a map and told me where to go for pierogi. 

I guess I qualify as a millennial because I take photos of my food, both when I’m traveling and at home in New York City. It’s fun. Sometimes food is pretty. I apologize for nothing.

But when I travel I find that I take even more pictures of food because everything is different and unique. It also makes me super conscious that I live off of carbs for most meals because I’m doing so much walking every day. I think that I can say with confidence that I ate enough pierogis to fuel my flight home while I was in Poland in 2016. To that end, I don’t regret eating a single one. I’m also grateful I took trips like the ones I took to Poland and Scandinavia while I was still eating meat, because salads are not their forte (hey, colder climates!).

Let’s start with the first meal of the day: breakfast.

These are the only two photos I took of my breakfasts while in I was in Poland. On the left are some scrambled eggs with a basket of bread. Pretty basic. There was a French bakery a couple of doors down from my hostel in Warsaw that served delicious food. On the right is a pastry of some sort – I think it was probably from Costa Coffee which was quite close to my hostel in Krakow. I think you can safely assume that for every other breakfast in Poland I consumed coffee and croissants (fun fact: both were originally discovered in Poland!).

Lunch/Dinner: These meals always consisted of the same foods: potatoes, meat, bread. It was all delicious. The loaded potato in the middle photo on the left was AMAZING. The DREAM Hostel in Warsaw was located next to a place called the Kumpir House (Potato House) and it was delicious. As you can tell from these photos, I also had a lot of mulled wine. Mulled wine is especially delicious when it’s late-October and 45* out during the daytime in Poland.

Snacks: When you’re walking upwards of 10 miles a day, you need a lot of carbs. And I won’t lie, some protein is helpful, too, but definitely not as important as carbs and sugar (same thing?). When I needed something hot to drink (which was always) I’d often order a hot chocolate, or a tea. Also pictured here is yogurt with fruit, cookies, a croissant stuffed with something, and a piece of cake. It was all delicious. I had the Redd’s cider before the pierogi making class in Warsaw and I believe that lone mason jar of mulled wine was at a bar a couple of doors down from the DREAM Hostel, also in Warsaw.


One last item: Paczki – these are basically jelly donuts that are kind of “the thing” to get in Poland from a bakery called A. Blikle. I walked for, like, twenty minutes in Warsaw to go to this bakery. It was a tasty treat and I’m glad I went.

Something I discovered in Poland: Bar seating is not often offered. I ended up where I did in Warsaw for that mason jar of mulled wine because it was the only place where I could find bar seating. I am a HUGE fan of bar seating and it broke me heart to not be able to find it more often. If you know why that is, hit me up!


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