That Girl Away

Shalom! I’m still in Israel but here’s what I packed for my 10 days (technically 11 with the first travel day) in Israel on Birthright:

  1. Bottoms: Two pairs of leggings, one pair of jeans.
  2. Tops: Three ribbed tank tops, one non-ribbed tank top, one short sleeved black shirt, one long sleeve black shirt, one cardigan
  3. 1 long-sleeved navy blue dress for Shabbat
  4. Sleeping pants & t-shirt
  5. 1 Pashmina
  6. 1 Patagonia Nano Puff jacket
  7. Shoes: It pains me to say that I brought three pairs of shoes, but I basically needed to. I wore boots on the planet and packed a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals in my bag.
  8. 1 bathing suit
  9. Power chord burrito
  10. Umbrella
  11. Make up: I’m very, very minimal with my make up always so that little tiger bag holds all of it.
  12. Power converters
  13. LUSH dry shampoo and conditioner bars
  14. Toiletries: Contact solution, contact case, glasses, mouth guard, headband, brush, Advil, dry shampoo, moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, mouthwash, soap, tweezers, floss, q-tips, and deodorant.

On the plane I’m wearing leggings, a tshirt, a track jacket, my travel scarf, and my Patagonia jacket with my boots, so that’ll be with me, too.

This looks like so much but I fit it all in a little rolling carry on suitcase so I’m proud.

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