That Girl Away

By the time you read this I will be landing in Israel and hopefully I’ll be well rested (haha, yeah right). But I thought some of you might be curious as to what I packed in my “personal” item. I know the title of this post is “carry on” but I also am fully intending to carry on my suitcase, so they’re both technically carry ons. Anyways. I digress.

What’s in my backpack? Here goes:

  1. My travel journal – because I might want to write before I watch a movie, read, or sleep.
  2. A book: I brought Fitness Junkie by Lucie Sykes and Jo Piazza with me.
  3. An inflatable neck pillow – they are AMAZING.
  4. Comfy socks – duh
  5. Two types of headphones – why have one when you could bring two?
  6. My supplements.
  7. A power brick
  8. My Airpods (I still have yet to ever use these, but they’re charged and maybe I will use them in Israel.)
  9. My camera and an extra SD card
  10. My passport – duh.
  11. Bandaids, lip balm, ear plugs, and tissues
  12. Reading light
  13. Eye mask
  14. Reusable utensils
  15. Food: Vegan gummy bears, a Luna Bar, two packets of almond butter, another peanut butter protein bar, a packet of vanilla protein powder, chocolate covered espresso beans (I think I may have overdone it. I’m going on a 10 hour flight + 5 hours in the airport, not a 3 week hike.)
  16. iPhone stand (I might remove this because I absolutely never use it.)
  17. Water bottle, mini brush, and make up (not pictured)

There’s a bottle of hand sanitizer pictured above but I’ve already removed that because they have sinks on the plane.

That is it. Wish me luck on my trip since it’s the first time I’ll be traveling with other people in a decade! See you when I get back!

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