That Girl Away

Bonus post! I’m currently traveling to Albuquerque to see my best friend and her husband and I thought I’d show you what I packed in my packing cube – singular! I hate hot weather, but the one upside to is that all of your clothing is really SMALL! So, as I packed my trust Tortuga backpack, I found it incredibly easy to fit everything in.

Here’s what’s coming with me:

  • Jeans (wearing on the plane)
  • Sneakers (wearing on the plane)
  • Crocs sandals
  • One dress
  • One cardigan
  • One thin sweatshirt
  • Three pairs of cropped leggings
  • One tank top to work out in
  • One t-shirt
  • Sleeping pants/Sleeping shirt
  • Two tank tops
  • Underware/socks
  • Sportsbra

Misc. Items:

  • Camera
  • Power brick
  • A few protein bars
  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Book
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, supplements, glasses, mouthguard, contact case, contact solution, makeup, moisturizer, skin cream)
  • Purse (phone, wallet, etc.)
  • Journal

It’s going to be a thousand degrees in New Mexico so wearing jeans there is probably stupid, but I’m still wearing them on the plane.

It might look like a long list, but I think I’m actually going to be wearing everything I bring! If you have any recommendations for things I must do while I’m in Albuquerque, let me know in the comments below! So far I’m looking forward to seeing the ocelots at the zoo!

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