That Girl Away

This weekend I decided to do a ‘trial run’ with my packing cubes to see how much I could fit. It’s going to be *chilly* while I’m abroad so I knew that I’d have to bring a lot of sweaters. I need outfits for 9 days and I had three packing cubes from Tortuga (pictured above). I knew I’d be wearing my jeans on the plane with a bulky sweater, but other than that, I was going to bring all my favorite sweaters and some leggings. Let’s see what I fit into these cubes:


The Largest Packing Cube: So, I may need to wear that pink sweater (far left) or pack it flat over everything because I’m pretty sure it’s taking up the space of two additional shirts. But from left to right next to the pink sweater I have a pair of black leggings, a pair of faux leather leggings, a green turtle neck sweater, and a plain black long sleeve top.


The Medium Packing Cube: A blue sweater, a button down flannel shirt, and a long, super soft orange sweater (purchased in Warsaw and, oh man, did I live in it after I bought it). Does anyone know how to make sweaters take up less room?!? Because damn. They really take up a lot of room.


The Smallest Packing Cube: From left to right, my black, long-sleeve thermal shirt for sleeping next to my sleeping pants, and one more black turtle neck sweater.

There’s some room left in the largest packing cube so I can pack a tank top, and my underwear is always thrown in a zippered compartment, not neatly packed (because it’s underwear, duh). I’ll probably take one t-shirt (Maybe? When it’s so cold it’s usually such a waste), a sports bra, five pairs of socks, and one bra in addition to the one I’ll be wearing. With these items, I can create 9 or 10 outfits. More than sufficient.

I know I’d mentioned possibly bringing a dress but since it’ll be 40* max when I’m abroad… HAHA. Nope. Because then I’ll need to pack leg warmers, too. These three cubes line up nicely in my Tortuga backpack and then I’ll just have to pack the other essentials (toiletries, chargers, camera, etc).

If you have any tips on how to pack and take up less room when you’re packing for cold weather, please LET ME KNOW!




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