That Girl Away

When I going to New Orleans in 2015, I knew I’d have a lot of time by myself since my friend was going to be there on business and having to work most of the time during the day. But being the super capable solo traveler that I am, this was a feature, not a bug (as the kids say these days).

I Googled yoga studios near our hotel (we were staying at the Sheraton in the financial district) and in my searches I came across Reyn Studios at 725 Magazine Street, about 6 blocks south of where we were staying.

When had I planned to go take this class? The morning after our ghost tour (which I wrote about here). Also known as the ghost tour that ended in drunken oblivion to be immortalized in our text messages forever. No, you will never seen those texts, ever. I mean, when in Nola, right?

But you know what I wasn’t too inebriated to do that night? Set my alarm to go to the vinyasa class at Reyn Studios. This was still a time in my yoga life when I did sweaty vinyasa classes (on purpose) which is Reyn’s specialty. I fell out of bed, put on some leggings, and walked to the studio. I paid for my spot and my mat, and promptly told the teacher that I would be in the back because I was extremely hung over. She patted me on the back and thanked me for telling her. This being New Orleans and all, I’m sure she hears it a lot.

The class ended up being great and I sweat out any alcohol that was still in my system. I left feeling revived and needing a shower. I want to do more yoga classes when I travel but so far Reyn is the only studio I’ve been successful in visiting and I’d highly recommend you drop in if you happen to find yourself in Nola with a need to flow.


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