A Functioning Government: Inside Parliament (London, England)

Despite having spent extended amounts of time in London twice before, I’d never made an effort to go into the chambers of Parliament. Since our government in the United States wasn’t (and still isn’t) functioning at the moment, I decided to go check out what a functioning government actually looked like. I went through numerous metal detectors and my bags were thoroughly checked and then I was guided into the main chamber. I have to say that the halls that you walk through to get to it are beautiful and old and impressive as well.

On the docket that day for debate were equal pay for women and education funding, among other things. How nice to see those things debated (led by both men and women) in government. Congress could learn a thing or two.

Of course, photos were not permitted inside of chambers, but they do broadcast the debates on British TV and you can probably find them streaming somewhere online, too. It’s a cool historical building to be inside of and possibly witness some history being made.


See? History. 


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