When in Rome (or Dublin): Temple Bar

I’d read all about the Temple Bar district in Dublin in my Lonely Planet travel guide and while I spent lots of times searching for a hotel or hostel to stay at in Dublin, I repeatedly read “DON’T STAY IN TEMPLE BAR. IT’S LOUD.” (It wasn’t all in caps. I added those for emphasis.) I’d also read that it was really touristy and full of drunks.

But I had to go at least once, right? Right? Yes.


This hangs inside above the tiny stage where live music played all night. 

On my second night in Dublin, I went to the historic and notable Temple Bar district to the actual Temple Bar that the district is named after. Was it packed? Yes. Was it debaucherous? No more than any other bar in the neighborhood. Was it fun? Oh yes. The live music was awesome and I struck up a conversation with a group of English guys who were in town for their mate’s 30th birthday. They were tons of fun. The drinks at Temple Bar weren’t even that expensive!

Outside on the streets there were no cars and everyone was laughing and having a good time. As cliche as it is, I think a proper night out in Temple Bar when you’re in Dublin is a must.

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