Holiday Lights in New York City

Midtown is a total nightmare during the holidays in New York City but the holiday lights on Fifth Avenue are REALLLYYYY pretty.

So, I went for a walk tonight and took photos of them so you don’t have to brave the throngs of tourists in 40* weather. For your viewing pleasure:


The little white lights on the trees outside the Time Warner Center are some of my favorites. So simple and so pretty. 


Park Lane Hotel, Central Park South


58th and 5th


Tiffany & Co, 57th & 5th 


57th and 7th


Wempe, 55th and 5th


Coach, 54th and 6th


Cartier, 52nd and 6th. This one is one of my favorites because there are cats scaling the sides of the building! 


Ferragamo, 52nd and 6th

This is just a tiny fraction of the holiday lights in New York. This doesn’t include Rockefeller Center, the New York Stock Exchange, Bryant Park, Herald Square, etc… Happy holidays from me to you and yours.  XO

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