For Cat Lovers: Cat Cafe Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

After I’d been traveling for upwards of 12 hours to Budapest (via Istanbul, ugh, again, worst idea ever!) and I’d thrown my stuff down in my hostel, I decided to walk around to get my bearings and see what I could before the sun went down. After I’d taken about 6,483 photos of the Chain Bridge (I mean, who could blame me, it’s SO pretty … Continue reading For Cat Lovers: Cat Cafe Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

The Hungarian Drink: Pálinka

On my first morning Budapest, my walking tour guide gave us a general rundown of Hungarian history and when she got to food and drink she talked about Pálinka, a fruit brandy that is generally 30%-70% proof and hails originally from Hungary’s Carpathian Basin. In more American terms, it’s fruity Hungarian moonshine. I made a mental note to try this at some point during my … Continue reading The Hungarian Drink: Pálinka