Sparkly Things in Denmark (Copenhagen, Denmark)

I really think I need to visit Copenhagen again at some point. I disliked my hostel so much and was confused at the layout of the city that I think that really put a cloud over my ability to enjoy the city. The castles were beautiful, the history was interesting, and the food was OK, but I couldn’t navigate my way around the winding, nonsensical … Continue reading Sparkly Things in Denmark (Copenhagen, Denmark)

PSA: There’s a Burger Joint in Oslo!

One of my friends and colleagues went to a few different cities in Scandinavia this week and I SO enjoyed following along via his Instagram. I’d given him a bunch of recommendations for Oslo and Stockholm before left and one of my recommendations was go eat at a restaurant in Aker Brygge. Aker Brygge (pronounced Ah-ker Breh-ger) is a strip of newly developed shopping, apartments, … Continue reading PSA: There’s a Burger Joint in Oslo!

The Hungarian Drink: Pálinka

On my first morning Budapest, my walking tour guide gave us a general rundown of Hungarian history and when she got to food and drink she talked about Pálinka, a fruit brandy that is generally 30%-70% proof and hails originally from Hungary’s Carpathian Basin. In more American terms, it’s fruity Hungarian moonshine. I made a mental note to try this at some point during my … Continue reading The Hungarian Drink: Pálinka